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Database Security
From 21:15 (UTC) on 25 June 2016 until 28 June 2016, there was a problem propagating Domain object modifications from the RIPE Database to our DNS servers. ...
The Database Working Group deals with all issues related to the RIPE Database. Changes of existing objects, creation of new objects and features, and ...
RIPE Database Working Group Minutes - RIPE 71
We have re-organised our software repository and distribution, and we no longer use Bugzilla or CVS.
We are experiencing issues with data replication in our MySQL cluster. Updates and queries are working, but the queries are lagging a few hours behind. This ...
ripe-whois-registration-in-2005 Policy Document
This draft document discusses the use of the RIPE Whois database. It looks at what information is recorded in the database and why. Further, it asks whether it ...
The RIPE Data Protection Task Force (DPTF) was established at RIPE 52 in April 2006 when the Database Working Group identified a need to update the RIPE ...
Actions on the RIPE Database Working Group.
84 items matching your search terms