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ripe-395: Supporting Notes for the Autonomous System Number Request Form
The RIPE NCC may assign number resources to End Users on a temporary deployment basis for a specific time-limited purpose. Examples of specific purposes ...
We distribute ASNs according to policies by the RIPE community. Any individual or organisation can request ASNs, though a contractual agreement with the RIPE ...
We allocate IPv4 addresses to members in our service region.
Information about "abuse-c:" and how to manage this contact information for your resources.
The RIPE NCC LIR Portal provides LIRs access to the RIPE NCC through a web interface.
Implementation of RIPE Policy Proposal 2007-01 Phase 2: Existing Assignments
ripe-473 Request Form
ripe-473: The RIPE NCC is now allocating IPv4 address space to its members (LIRs) from the last /8 (185/8) that was allocated to the RIPE NCC by IANA. IPv4 ...
ripe-490: This form should be used when requesting IPv4 PA address space.
We distribute IPv6 address space to networks within our service region.
28 items matching your search terms