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2007-03 Policy Proposal
2007-03: This policy proposal proposes four general principles, which will be needed to accomplish the smooth termination of IPv4 address allocation.
A graph displaying the amount of IPv4 addresses left in the RIPE NCC pool.
IPv4 Transfer Listing Service Terms and Conditions
ripe-611: Supporting Notes for the IPv4 Additional Allocation Request Form
ripe-609: Supporting Notes for the IPv4 First Allocation Request Form
Last year, we described how we were actively encouraging holders of unused or unannounced IPv4 address space to return it. In this article we report on the ...
A report from 2003 on the state of IPv4 Exhaustion
ripe-362: This document contains instructions for LIRs on how to complete the "IPv4 First Allocation Request Form".
We allocate IPv4 addresses to members in our service region.
2017-03: Reducing Initial IPv4 Allocation, Aiming to Preserve a Minimum of IPv4 Space for Newcomers
221 items matching your search terms