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A report from 2003 on the state of IPv4 Exhaustion
The RIPE NCC has been writing about IPv4 exhaustion for some time, here are a selection of articles dating back to 2004.
IPv4 Address Space Allocation Rate as published in January 2007
On 2 September 2014, the RIPE NCC and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) each received the equivalent of a /12 of IPv4 address space from the Internet ...
ripe-495: This document sets out the principles for IPv4 address registration after the unallocated pool of addresses has run out. The purpose of this document ...
A status update on IP address distribution in the RIPE NCC service region and around the world.
Archived page from 2007.
Previous articles published about IPv4 exhaustion.
2008-06 Policy Proposal
2008-06: This proposal describes how RIPE NCC should make allocations from its last /8 worth of address space at the time of total depletion of the IANA free ...
37 items matching your search terms