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Expertise: RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, Internet measurements, big data and data visualisations.
Expertise: Root servers, DNS / DNSSEC
Expertise: IPv6, DNSSEC, Network security, GNU/Linux, Open source software
Experience: Routing Security, IPv6, IPv4, RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP), Internet policy and governance, Regional Internet Registry (RIR), statistics, ...
Expertise: Routing Security, BGP Measurements, RPKI, RIS, Big Data Information System Architecture
Expertise: Internet governance, public policy, RIPE and RIPE NCC, Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system, RIPE Labs
Expertise: RIPE Atlas, RIS, K-root, AuthDNS, RIPEstat
Expertise: IPv6, RIPE NCC and RIPE community, Internet Policy and Governance, RPSL, IPv4, Routing Registry, Regional Internet Registries (RIR) statistics.
Expertise: Internet policy and governance, RIPE NCC, RIPE community
40 items matching your search terms
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