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Over the past year, I have been conducting a public survey to better understand how ISPs deploy IPv6. In this post, I will summarise some of the key findings ...
ripe-343 Procedural Document
ripe-343: This document provides the management process for IPv6 global unicast address space whereby address allocations are made from a single global pool ...
The change to IPv6 creates new challenges to keep spam out of email. Because of the sheer size of the IPv6 space, it seems more efficient to build a ...
Here is the second part of common IPv6 misconceptions that are often used as reasons for not deploying IPv6.
Page - On RIPE Labs
In October 2008 I registered My main motivation was to encourage the municipalities in Sweden to enable IPv6 and to publicly show once it's ...
Working Group
Following the progress of specification and implementation of IPv6.
Wouldn’t it be nice if turning on IPv6 really was ‘press one button and the rest is magic’ easy?
ripe-373 Request Form
ripe-373: IPv6 End User Site Assignment Request Form
requirements-for-ipv6-in-ict-equipment Best Common Practice
Update to the Best Current Practice (BCP) document specifying technical requirements for governments, large enterprises and other organisations seeking IPv6 ...
IPv6 Day Denmark
403 items matching your search terms