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ripe-766 RIPE Governance
ripe-766: RIPE Code of Conduct
Report of the Executive Board Election Code of Conduct Team – General Meeting May 2021
draft-ripe-code-of-conduct-team-appointment-and-responsibilities RIPE Governance
This document describes how people are appointed to the Code of Conduct (CoC) Team, along with the team’s composition and responsibilities.
draft-ripe-code-of-conduct-process-and-consequences-v2 RIPE Governance
This document describes the process for handling reports that someone has breached the RIPE Code of Conduct.
draft-ripe-code-of-conduct-process-and-consequences RIPE Governance
This is a draft document prepared by the Code of Conduct Task Force for review by the RIPE community. It is based on similar documents developed by the Python ...
Code of Conduct at RIPE Meetings - For a quarter of a century, the RIPE Meetings have enjoyed an environment of respectful and encouraging behaviour so that ...
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