This policy proposal has been withdrawn

At the point when any given RIR is within 30 days of depleting its remaining IPv4 pool, a survey will be taken of the other 4 to determine the remaining time before each of them exhausts their pool (including both member use and recent redistribution allocations to other RIRs). The one with the longest window before exhausting its pool will be designated as the source RIR. The recipient RIR will follow procedures for an LIR in the source RIR region to request a block that is expected to be sufficient for up to 3 months, but is no larger than 1/8th of the source RIR's remaining pool. At the point where no RIR can supply a block that is less than 1/8th of their remaining pool that will sustain the recipient RIR for 30 days, the recipient RIR will collect its requests each week, and forward those individual requests to the source RIR designated that week.