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DRAFT: IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy

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2.10. ULA-Central

ULA-central refers to the Centrally Assigned Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses as described in the IETF document 'ietf-ipv6-ula-central' (whatever version is the most recent, as an Internet Draft, RFC or STD). The ULA-central block is within the prefix FC00::/7, with bit 8 set to 0.

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8. Assignment of ULA-Central Blocks

Any organisation or individual requiring a /48 from the ULA-Central block will be able to get it assigned, once the relevant contract is executed and related membership fees are paid (to be determined by the board).

Note that in most of the cases, locally assigned ULA addresses (RFC4193) are preferred, and it is only expected that large managed sites will prefer central assignments. It is also important to reinforce that the ULA prefix (FC00::/7) it is not routable in the global Internet (i.e. not designed to be used as IPv6 PI) and consequently must be filtered.