This policy proposal has been accepted
The new RIPE Document is: ripe-452

Draft Document Collection

After receiving feedback on previous versions of the proposal during RIPE 55, RIPE 56 and on the RIPE Address Policy Working Group mailing list, in this fourth version of the proposal, two contractual relationship possibilities are outlined for End Users that wish to receive direct number resource assignments. It is proposed that End Users can either have a contract either with a sponsoring LIR or directly with the RIPE NCC.

This fourth version also argues that the proposal covers all End Users of provider independent number resources previously assigned either directly by the RIPE NCC or through a RIPE NCC Local Internet Registry. This proposal does not cover number resources marked in the RIPE database as Early Registration (ERX) or NOT-SET.  It also does not cover number resources listed in the RIPE database which were assigned by InterNIC or assigned or allocated by other Regional Internet Registries.

There are four different documents that are affected by this proposal and the changes that are proposed can be seen in the drafted policy documents: