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[Following text is to appear in the RIPE Policy document, IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy for the RIPE NCC Service Region if the proposal reaches consensus.]


IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignments:

To qualify for an IPv6 PI address space, an organisation must:
a) not be an IPv6 LIR;
b) demonstrate that it will be multihomed (for example by showing contracts of the peering partners)
c) meet the requirements of the policies described in the RIPE NCC document entitled “Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resources Holders in the RIPE NCC Service Region”

The prefix will be assigned by the RIPE NCC directly to the End User Organisations upon a request properly submitted to the RIPE NCC, either directly or through a sponsoring LIR.

The minimum size of the assignment is a /48. Organisations requesting a larger assignment (shorter prefix) must provide documentation justifying the need for additional subnets.

Additional assignments may also be made when there is a technical need demanding this or usage justified. When possible, these further assignments will be made from an adjacent address block.

Assignments will be allocated from a separate 'designated block' to facilitate filtering practices.