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Qualification for an IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignment:
To qualify for a direct assignment, the organisation must not be an IPv6 Local Internet Registry (LIR) and must qualify for an IPv4 assignment or allocation from the RIPE NCC under current IPv4 policies. This applies whether or not the organisation has already been assigned or allocated an IPv4 block.

PI IPv6 Assignment Size to End User Organisations:
The minimum size of the assignment is /32. However, a larger assignment can be provided if duly documented and justified.

Subsequent Assignment Size to End User Organisations:
Whenever possible, further assignments will be made from adjacent address blocks, but only if duly documented and justified.

Assignment 'Super Block':
Assignments will be allocated from a separate 'super block' to allow LIRs to filter them, if required.

Expiry for Assignments:
Assignment blocks made under this proposal to address Multihoming issues must be returned to the RIPE NCC after a maximum period of three years. The three years period will start to count once an alternative technically valid and deployable solution is available and accepted by the Internet community. Any organisations that wanted to avoid renumbering would be able to opt to become an LIR, if they qualify, and be allocated the same prefix.