Archived Policy Proposals

The policy proposals on this page have been archived. You can see at a glance if they were accepted and adopted by the RIPE community or withdrawn at any stage.

Name Status Proposal Number Working Group Date Archived
IPv4 Countdown Policy
2007-03 Address Policy Working Group October 2007

Summary: This policy proposal proposes four general principles, which will be needed to accomplish the smooth termination of IPv4 address allocation.

Reason for Withdrawal: Authors decided that they want to make a new proposal (see 2007-07).

IANA Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to RIRs
2007-04 Address Policy Working Group September 2007

Summary: This This proposal is to have a global policy for the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to receive blocks of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Change in IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS Policy
2007-02 Address Policy Working Group August 2007

Summary: This proposal suggested that there should no longer be a requirement to be a ccTLD or a gTLD to receive IPv4 and IPv6 assignments for anycasting DNS.

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer decided to withdraw this proposal due to insufficient support for it.

IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy
2006-02 Address Policy Working Group July 2007

Summary: This proposal is to change the IPv6 Initial Allocation criteria and the End Site definition in the "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy".

First Raise in IPv4 Assignment Window Size
2006-07 Address Policy Working Group April 2007

Summary: This proposal suggests the Assignment Window (AW) available to new LIRs should automatically be raised from zero (0) to /21 (2,048 IPv4 addresses) six months after they receive their first allocation. Because the sub-allocation policy references the AW policy, the sub-allocation policy also needs to be updated. This proposal suggests that the maximum sub-allocation should be kept at /20 (4,096 IPv4 addresses).

IPv4 Maximum Allocation Period
2006-06 Address Policy Working Group March 2007

Summary: This proposal is to have the RIPE NCC allocate address space to Local Internet Registries (LIRs) based on their one-year needs. In other words, it suggests setting a maximum allocation period of 12 months.

Contact E-Mail Address Requirements
2006-04 Address Policy Working Group February 2007

Summary: This proposal suggested that working and up-to-date contact e-mail addresses should be maintained at all times for address space that is registered in the RIPE Database.

Reason for Withdrawal: Withdrawn by the proposer and the Address Policy Working Group chair as not enough consensus was reached.

4-Byte AS Number Policy
2005-12 Address Policy Working Group September 2006

Summary: This policy proposal details a set of actions and associated dates for RIR AS Number allocation policies to assist in an orderly transition to use of the 4-byte AS Number space.

IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS
2005-02 Address Policy Working Group September 2006

Summary: To enable country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name server operators to provide their DNS service using shared unicast technology, RIPE NCC may assign one IPv4 and/or one IPv6 prefix to each TLD operator.

2006-03 Database Working Group July 2006

Summary: This proposal is to have a new status for IPv6 address space as "LIR-PARTITIONED".

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer decided that the proposal was no longer necessary.