Archived Policy Proposals

The policy proposals on this page have been archived. You can see at a glance if they were accepted and adopted by the RIPE community or withdrawn at any stage.

Name Status Proposal Number Working Group Date Archived
Run Out Fairly
2009-03 Address Policy Working Group December 2009

Summary: This is a proposal to gradually reduce the allocation and assignment periods in step with the expected life time of the IPv4 unallocated pool in order to address the perception of unfairness once the pool has run out. The proposal is not intended to stretch the lifetime of the unallocated pool. The proposal is independent of other proposals to reserve address space for transition purposes and/or new entrants. It can be implemented independently of these.

IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignments for LIRs
2009-08 Address Policy Working Group September 2009

Summary:This proposal is to allow LIRs to receive IPv6 PI assignments in addition to an IPv6 allocation.

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks (ASNs) to Regional Internet Registries
2009-07 Address Policy Working Group September 2009

Summary: According to the current global policy (ripe-416), IANA will cease to make any distinction between 16 bit and 32-bit only ASN blocks by 31 December 2009, when making allocations to RIRs. This proposal is to extend this date by one year, to 31 December 2010.

Removing Routing Requirements from the IPv6 Address Allocation Policy
2009-06 Address Policy Working Group September 2009

Summary:The IPv6 address allocation policy currently contains mandates about how an allocated address range should be announced into the routing table. Following discussion at RIPE 58, it is proposed that this is removed from the address policy as it does not relate to address allocation.

Allocating/Assigning Resources to the RIPE NCC
2009-02 Address Policy Working Group July 2009
Summary: This proposal sets out how the RIPE NCC can allocate/assign resources to itself.
Multiple IPv6 /32 Allocations for LIRs
2009-05 Address Policy Working Group May 2009
Summary: This was a proposal to allow an LIR operating separate networks in unconnected geographical areas to receive multiple /32 IPv6 allocations.

Reason for Withdrawal:
The proposer, together with the Working Group Chairs, decided to withdraw this proposal due to insufficient support for it as it is written.
Provider Independent (PI) IPv6 Assignments for End User Organisations
2006-01 Address Policy Working Group April 2009

Summary: This proposal introduced a solution for organisations that needed IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) address space.

ASPLAIN Format for the Registration of 4-byte ASNs
2008-09 Address Policy Working Group February 2009

Summary:This proposal seeks to modify the current policy document 'Autonomous System (AS) Number Assignment Policies and Procedures' to adopt the use of ASPLAIN for recording and representation of 4-byte AS Numbers.

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer decided to withdraw this proposal upon publication of RFC 5396.

Enabling Methods for Reallocation of IPv4 Resources
2007-08 Address Policy Working Group December 2008

Summary: This proposal outlines a framework to migrate previously allocated IPv4 resources from one Local Internet Registry (LIR) to another LIR within the RIPE NCC Service Region.

IPv6 ULA-Central
2007-05 Address Policy Working Group November 2008

Summary: This policy is intended to allow the assignment of IPv6 blocks within the so-called 'Centrally Assigned Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses' to organisations or individuals requiring it. These addresses are globally unique and intended for local communications, usually within a site or set of them and are not expected to be routable on the global Internet. Prefix FC00::/7 is already reserved by IANA for ULA (bit 8 determines if locally or centrally assigned, so ULA or ULA-Central).

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer decided to withdraw this proposal and wait for the IETF process on the subject to conclude.