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[mat-wg] World IPv6 Day and the RIPE NCC

  • To: mat-wg@localhost
  • From: Axel Pawlik noreply@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 14:30:08 +0200
  • Organization: RIPE NCC
  • Reply-to: noreply@localhost

[Apologies for duplicate emails]

Dear colleagues,

The RIPE NCC is proud to participate in today's World IPv6 Day, a global event in which many organisations around the world are offering their content over IPv6.

All of the RIPE NCC’s services and content have already been available over IPv6 for some time. We are also taking part in events in Amsterdam and Moscow, as well as conducting a wide range of IPv6-related measurements and analysis.

IPv6 Eye Chart
If you want to find out if you will have problems accessing websites during World IPv6 Day, you can use the IPv6 Eye Chart:

World IPv6 Day Dashboard
All the IPv6 measurements carried out by the RIPE NCC are available at:

Amsterdam Event
The World IPv6 Day event in Amsterdam features tutorials, workshops, panel discussions and keynote speeches on IPv6. You can follow the event live at:

Moscow Event
World IPv6 Day is being celebrated during the RIPE Day at the first meeting of the Eurasia Network Operators Group (ENOG), taking place in Moscow. Throughout the day, there will be IPv6-related presentations, a special meeting for the press and screens tracking the measurements being conducted by the RIPE NCC. A webcast of the event is available at:

Best regards,

Axel Pawlik
Managing Director