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[mat-wg] suggestions for atlas service

  • To: mat-wg@localhost
  • From: Christian Kaufmann ck@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 17:56:36 +0200

Hi all,

some features I would like to see / have.

1. customized output
I don't need all frames / boxes the system is reporting back after a query.
So having the option to limit them and / or sort them in a different order
would be helpful to me.

2. RIS dashboard function
I like the RIS dashboard function a lot,
and would like to see more of this stuff in stats, too.
Especially the transit provider list, would be cool.

3. An aggregated Looking-glass function from different locations.
Apparently this was implemented since the last RIPE meeting
and was therefore online before I have even written this email.

Very cool, thanks for that:-)