[mat-wg] Final draft agenda for the MAT-WG session at RIPE61

Dear Working Group colleagues,

Below is the agenda for the MAT-WG session at RIPE61. This session will run between 1600 - 1730 CET on Thursday 18 November.

The agenda is very crowded, which is a good thing, but it means we will be unable to add to it prior to the session.

A. Administrivia
  Welcome, Scribe, Jabber, Microphone etiquette, Agenda

B. Traffic Identification Engine
  Alberto Dainotti, University of Naples

C. Neustar Anycast Statistics
  Ed Lewis, Neustar

D. IPv6 Network Measurement
  Owen DeLong, Hurricane Electric

E. Information Systems Update
  Sean McEvoy, RIPE NCC

F. Visualizing geolocated Internet measurements
  Claudio Squarcella, CAIDA

G. Atlas Technical Details
  Robert Kisteleski, RIPE NCC

H. Measurement Framework Proposal and Discussion
  Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC and the WG Co-Chairs


Ian Meikle,
Richard Barnes,
Christian Kaufmann