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[mat-wg] Re: [routing-wg] BGP Route Origin Validation - new publication on RIPE Labs

  • To: Mirjam Kuehne mir@localhost
  • From: Randy Bush randy@localhost
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 17:37:46 +0700
  • Cc: routing-wg@localhost, mat-wg@localhost

> David Murray, Trainee at the RIPE NCC, looked at the effects of BGP 
> route origin validation on mis-announcements and hijackings. You can 
> find the details on RIPE Labs:

nice bit of theoritical work, and far more realistic than sharon's.
thanks david.

folk interested in practice, i.e. running code from gui all the way to
and including the router, might look at my preso at praha.

with open source bsd license, at <>,
test images available for ios and ios xr (no, not your iphone, silly),
and a support and discussion mailing list.