Revised WG Charter and call for Agenda Items

At RIPE59 it was announced that we were revising the charter of this
working group and changing the name to give it a broader focus. The new
charter has been discussed on the list and met with approval. If there are
any further comments on this charter, or on the proposed change of the
working group name to Measurement, Analysis, Tools (MAT), we can discuss
these on the list and during the meeting. The changes will be formally
announced during the plenary session at RIPE60 in Prague.

We are now calling for agenda items for the RIPE60 session of the working
group based on this new charter:

The purpose of the working group is to provide a forum in which the RIPE
NCC and the community can collaborate in the areas of data, tools and
analysis relating to the Internet and its infrastructure, with a loose
focus on monitoring, diagnosis, analysis and forecasting. It is not the
purpose of the working group to compare the performance of networks for
marketing purposes.

Please send any proposed agenda items to the chairs.


Ian and Henk