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Test Traffic Measurements Update 2009-1

  • To: tt-host@localhost, tt-wg@localhost
  • From: Ruben van Staveren ruben@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 15:10:58 +0200
  • Organization: RIPE NCC

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Dear colleagues,

[apologies for duplicates]

You are receiving this update because you are registered as a RIPE NCC
Test Traffic Measurements (TTM) box owner (or affiliated) with us.

If you are receiving this update for the first time, please read the
charter on usage and subscription information.

This update describes the changes we have seen since the Test Traffic
Working group update presentation given at RIPE 58.

* Charter
* Currently running efforts
* Additions
* Replacements
* Decommissions

= Charter ========================

This is the tt-host@localhost mailing list.
Every RIPE NCC TTM box owner is initially subscribed to this list.
If you want to be removed, please mail us at tt-ops@localhost with your
address and your testbox number.

The purpose of this list is twofold:

* RIPE NCC will announce availability of new test boxes on the TTM grid
after some measurements have been recorded, and notify about
decommissioned test boxes.
RIPE NCC will also report any other administrative matter that might be
to interest of the audience.
This will be low volume.

* The tt-host@localhost mailing list is offered to the test box user base
at large as a means to get in touch with each other so they can discuss
traffic patterns and send inquiries to other owners. RIPE NCC does not
either mediate or moderate these discussions and no commitment is to be
expected from either party (i.e. test box owners)

= Currently running efforts ======

We are currently participating with several parties on a large scale
roll out of TTM in their area

* TTM in Brazil
   * 5 of 6 are done. Pending last deployment, location T.B.A
* TTM in APNIC region
  * Active, currently rolling out with Bangladesh and Taiwan being up next
* TTM in Russia
   * New effort, currently discussing
* TTM in LACNIC area
   * Completed, with deployment in Montevideo

= Additions ======================

We give a warm welcome for the following new boxes to the measurements grid

   * TT163 - Kenya Internet Exchange, Nairobi, KE
   * TT166 - Afrinic, Pretoria ZA
   * TT170 - LACNIC, Montevideo, UY
   * TT171 - Cybernet, Karachi, PK (through APNIC effort)
   * TT172 - HKIX, Hong Kong, HK (through APNIC effort)
   * TT177 - IRNIC, Tehran, IR

= Replacements ===================

These boxes which had no or bad data for a while have been fixed.
Welcome back!

   * TT07 - STUPI AB, Stockholm, SE (antenna replacement)
   * TT52 - Business Internet Trends, Ede, NL (server replacement)

= Decommissions ===================

We have seen no test boxes being removed from service since the last update.


We hope you find this update about the status of the TTM grid useful.
If you have any questions or suggestions left, don't hesitate to contact
us at


Kind Regards,
   Ruben van Staveren

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