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Re: Draft minutes from RIPE 58

  • To: "Henk Uijterwaal"henk@localhost,plkw@localhost
  • From: Andrei Sukhov amskh@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 10:09:03 +0400

Hi Henk ,

It is again me, Andrei Sukhov from Samara.

Unfortunately, our presentation on RIPE session in Amsterdam failed. But we very much would like to give this report as we plan to continue researches with the further.

The main our problem is to find money for trip and to receive the visa. Our colleague from Samara – Danil Polukarov has possibility to receive financing of a trip and to act with the report. The prime question consists in to whom from local organizers in Lisbon he should address for invitation reception.

I hope to hear from your shortly.

Sincerely your,  Andrei Sukhov