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Re: TT-WG Topics for RIPE58

  • To: "Henk Uijterwaal"henk@localhost, ian.meikle@localhost, RIPE NCC meeting coordinator meeting@localhost, Тимур Султанов tursul@localhost, Mikhail Strizhov mikhailstrizhov@localhost
  • From: Andrei Sukhov amskh@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 09:50:21 +0400

Hi Henk,

Thanks for invitation to participate in TT-WG.

At session of RIPE in Berlin our team has made TT-WG presentation about an alternative way of measurement of an available bandwidth. Our method is based on testing of a network by packages of the different size and a delay finding.

As the RIPE Test Box is capable to measure a delay for packages of the different sizes our mechanism could be introduced in RIPE system further. But before method introduction it is necessary to hold its careful testing including comparison of results with values, received by alternative measurements (with help of utilities - iperf, ftp).

Now we try to do actively comparative tests, a part from them to us it has gone right. Unfortunately, the RIPE Test Box gives the chance to us to measure only a delay for packages of the different sizes. I some times asked Ruben to help us and to transfer a file on ftp from tt143 to tt1 and to send me a speed of data transfer.

While results of measurements show that our method works, but the exact data still is not present. We would like to invite Ruben in our team and after its help with measurements the report «Utility AvBand and possibility of measurements of an available bandwidth on RIPE Test Box»

Sincerely yours,   Andrei Sukhov

07.04.09, 11:38, "Henk Uijterwaal" henk@localhost:

> Dear All,
> The TT-WG will meet at the next RIPE meeting.  Please send any suggestions
> fr agenda topics to Ian and myself.
> Henk
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