RIPE 57 Agenda and final call for talks


We have an agenda for the Test Traffic Working Group session in Dubai on
Thursday 30 October:

A. Administrative Matters

    * Welcome
    * Select a scribe
    * Jabber Monitor
    * Microphone Etiquette
    * Minutes from working group session at RIPE 56
    * Finalise agenda

B. IETF IPPM Working Group Update - Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE NCC

C. TTM Network Update - Ruben van Staveren, RIPE NCC

D. TTM Developments - Franz Schwarzinger, RIPE NCC

Z. A.O.B.

We do have some space in the agenda. If you have a talk that you would like
to give to the WG please let me know before Friday 17 October.