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Revised agenda for the TT-WG

  • From: Henk Uijterwaal henk@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 09:08:28 +0200

Dear all,

Here is the modified agenda for the TT-WG meeting tomorrow @ 4pm.

1. Administrativia (1’)

2. Selection of new chair (2’)

3. TTM Future developments (20’)
   Mark Dranse/RIPE NCC

4. Status of TTM service (10’)
   Ruben van Staveren/RIPE NCC

5. Using TTM to monitor AMS-IX (15’)
   Geert Nijpels, AMS-IX

   AMS-IX publishes a quality statement in which service quality targets
   are described. AMS-IX customers can use these targets to benchmark the
   exchange. Furthermore, the AMS-IX TTM setup is highly useful as an
   additional tool to identify and troubleshoot problems.

6. Multicast monitoring status report (10’)
   Franz Schwarzinger

7. AOB

I'm going to run a fairly strict meeting, as I have several requests
to get us out of there by 5pm.


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