Minutes of the TT-WG @ RIPE 51

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:16:05 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,

Here is the next draft of the minutes from the TT-WG session at RIPE51.


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    Minutes of Test Traffic Working Group at RIPE51

    Location: Krasnapolsky Hotel, Amsterdam, NL
    Date: 12 October 2005
    Time: 16:00 - 18:00
    Chair: Henk Uijterwaal - RIPE NCC
    Scribe: Mark Santcroos - RIPE NCC

    1. Administrativia

    2. TTM Status and Plans
    - Henk Uijterwaal

    3. Building a solution for active monitoring of the Swedish Internet
    - Rickard Dahlstrand

    4. EGEE Project
    - Loukik Kudarimoti

    5. Discussion on the Consumer Broadband Measurements draft
    - Henk Uijterwaal

    6. Measuring multicast on the Internet with TTM
    - Gert Doering

    7. AOB


    1. Administrivia
    No comments on the minutes from the RIPE50 meeting, so these are now

    2. TTM Status and Plans
    Henk proxied the status of the TTM project from Ruud de Kooter (OPS
    TTM service is running stable and OPS are looking into running the service
    more efficient.

    3. Building a solution for active monitoring of the Swedish Internet
    - Presentation at:


    Q1: Heinrich Hauser, Amadeus. He thanks Rickard for his presentation and
    the work he did. He works for a company who is a big consumer of the
    Internet. He commented that he would like to see such measurements done
    for the whole Internet.
    A1: Ok

    Q2: Ruben van Staveren, RIPE NCC. He asked if Rickard considered using
    priority queuing with PF, so that the measurement packets wouldn't
    suffer from the traffic of users.
    Q2: No, he didn't.

    4. EGEE Project


    5. Discussion on the Consumer Broadband Measurements draft
    - Henk Uijterwaal
    - Document discussed at:

    Dave Wilson, HEANET: Feature request, Besides measuring from the home
    to the endpoint at your own provider I would also like to measure to
    another well known point on the Internet.

    Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC: It's probably not a good idea if RIPE NCC
    puts machines at peoples home for a service. The ISP's should do that

    Andrei Robachevsky: Who would benefit from this?
    Daniel Karrenberg:
    1. To answer the remark: "There are not enough probes";
    2. Demand for more data.
    3. Nameserver operators, providers with BPG in multihomes setup.
    4. Looking at it from 10km high, I feel operators need a lot more usefull
    data if they want to use this for operational purposes.

    Marco Hogewoning:
    1. This could become too commercial.
    2. Does this scale? This might become too much (unuseful) data.

    Daniel Karrenberg: These kind of things needs to be measurered
    independently, and the RIPE NCC can do that.

    Marco Hogewoning: We need to make agreements about QOS. That operators
    don't give the measurement traffic a high priority than the normal traffic.

    Rickard Dahlstrand: In general, what exactly is the scope of this?

    Henk Uijterwaal: We all need to think about that indeed, let's take that
    to the mailinglist.

    6. Measuring multicast on the Internet with TTM
    - Gert Doering

    Gert had proposed on the mailinglist to think about measuring multicast
    with TTM.
    It was agreed that this is interesting and that discussion should continue
    on the list.
    Possible first step would be to look at how well the current set of
    testboxes are multicast connected.

    7. AOB

    Rickard Dahlstrand: Is interested in more measurement nodes for DNSMON.
    Too euro centric currently. Offers help to get more machines in Africa, etc.

    Meeting closes at 18:00.

    Test Traffic WG @ RIPE51 - Amsterdam.


    * RIPE NCC: research the Multicast connectivity of the testboxes
    * All: Think about how to get more measurement nodes in TTM


    * Proposal to measure Multicast using TTM
    * Consumer Broadband Measurements draft send to the list and
    shortly discussed in WG
    * Discussion on how to measure DNSMON from more nodes worldwide

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