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CfP: Interdomain Routing Workshop (IDRWS), May 6-7, 2005.

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 10:19:00 +0200

(Apologies for duplicate messages)

The tremendous growth of the Internet is causing concern among researchers and practitioners about scalability and convergence of the current routing architecture. The concern arises from real world problems caused by configuration mistakes, routing anomalies, conflicting policies, protocol limitations and so on. Furthermore, demands for traffic engineering, and new services such as route control are being controversially discussed within the community.

A lot of efforts are focused on routing enhancements or even new protocol generations. To help researchers to act jointly with current operational problems, a workshop is organized with focus on the next steps towards the near-term future (next 5 years) of Inter-Domain Routing (IDR). This year IDRWS has a special focus on Inter-Domain routing security (e.g. requirements, solutions and experience) and especially asks people working in this area to participate on the workshop.

The general goal of this workshop is to bring together a small, focused group of operators, vendors and researchers, to discuss in an open forum important mid- and long-term problems, security issues, network management tools, measurement techniques and router features. Especially, it is intended to talk about issues that operators feel will come up in the next years if we do not start to investigate problems now and begin to work on potential solutions.

For the IDRWS we are looking for contributions that can range from academic ideas, monitoring strategies and tools, over reports about the current routing situation, best common operational practices, even to suggestions about protocol enhancements. Furthermore vendor feedback on implementation details or the presented ideas is more than welcome.

Practical details:

* Location: Clarion Hotel, Ringvagen 98, 10460 Stockholm (This is the same
location as the RIPE50 meeting).
* Deadline abstracts: April 18, 2005
* Notification of Acceptance: April 25, 2005
* Presentation duration: 15 - 30 min
* Contact: <
* The workshop will take place at the 6th and 7th of May
* Web: <>
* Registration fee: 30 euro's for those attending RIPE50, 50 euro's for
all others, or the equivalent in SEK. The registration fee can only be
paid in cash at the venue. The fee includes coffee and lunches on the
days of the workshop.

Henk Uijterwaal Email: henk.uijterwaal(at)
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