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Multiple TTboxes in the same network

  • From: Antoine Delvaux <
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:42:25 +0100
  • Organization: BELNET


First of all, best wishes for this new year to each of you.

We currently have one TTbox running and we use it from time to time to check the status of our network. Now, we'd like to know if it is possible and advisable to place a total of about 15 TTboxes in our network, each box on a different part of it.

If such a setup is possible, we'd then use these probes to calculate and report SLA measurements (inside and outside our network) to our users, by the mean of some software (still to be written) using the ROOT data of these boxes. These measurements would be interesting to us because of high accuracy and being performed by a 3rd party. However, we are aware that adding 15 boxes in a single network is not a big gain for the community. So, would this be acceptable and welcome?

Another question on the same issue, what happens in case of hardware failure of a TTbox when the warranty period is over. I guess the RIPE NCC doesn't provide any service for this and that the solution is to buy a new one or to get the current one being repaired by ourselves. In this last case, for example after a disk failure, would the reinstallation of the system be performed by the RIPE NCC?

Thanks for your input.

Antoine Delvaux.

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