Re: Proposal: do multicast testing on TTM boxes

Hi Gert,

sorry I have mixed up anicast and multicast.  :)

Kind regards

Gert Doering wrote:

On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 05:37:12PM +0200, Peter Dambier wrote:

I do rely on sending AXFR via tcp to me.
That is why I am very much interested in this testing, but
sorry I dont have any test hardware.

All I can tell is, I do get the root zone daily. I did
not experience any problems yet.

I should have noticed if data was corrupt because I use it
to verify public-root, united-root and root zones.

Ummm.  I can't seem to be able to follow you right now - if you do
TCP between two machines, how is this related to testing multicast

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