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  • From: "Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE NCC)" < >
  • Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 13:03:28 +0200 (CEST)

(Apologies for duplicate messages)

************ PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS *****************

     Passive & Active Measurement Workshop (PAM2005)

                      Boston, MA

               	  Mar 31-Apr 1, 2005



 * Paper Submission:    	October 8, 2004
 * Author Notification: 	December 10, 2004
 * Camera Ready:        	January 20, 2005


PAM'05, the sixth PAM workshop, is a two-day event focusing on
research and practical applications of passive and active measurement
and analysis techniques. Original papers describing novel
work-in-progress are invited from the research, provider, and other
communities on topics including, but not limited to:

 * Active Network Measurements
 * Passive Network Measurements
 * Performance Metrics
 * Traffic Statistics
 * Measurement Visualization
 * New Measurement Approaches & Techniques
 * Deployment of Measurement Infrastructure
 * New Measurement Initiatives
 * Applications of Network Measurements
 * Network Measurements and Security
 * Network Troubleshooting using Measurements
 * Embedded and Reconfigurable Hardware for Network Measurements

Student participation is strongly encouraged. PAM has a tradition of
being a true workshop with lively discussion and active participation
from all attendees. As such, we favor submissions reporting exciting
on-going work.


To ensure PAM2005 is fresh and interesting, we are soliciting extended
abstracts in the first instance. These should be at most FOUR pages in
length in the standard IEEE double-column format. The abstracts
should present work-in-progress, explaining the basic approach and
motivation. Comprehensive results are not expected at this stage,
although the authors should comment on the results they expect to
obtain; there are 3.5 months between the abstract submission and
camera ready deadlines.

If selected for publication, authors will be expected to produce an 8-10
page paper including results and validation.


Constantine Dovrolis (Program Chair)   	Georgia Tech
Suman Banerjee          		University of Wisconsin
Chadi Barakat           		INRIA
Supratik Bhattacharyya  		Sprint ATL
Andre Broido            		CAIDA
Nevil Brownlee          		University of Auckland
Neal Cardwell           		Google
K Claffy                		CAIDA
Les Cottrell            		SLAC
Mark Crovella           		Boston University
Christophe Diot         		Intel Research
Avi Freedman            		Akamai
Ian Graham              		Endace
Khaled Harfoush         		North Carolina State University
Loki Jorgenson          		Apparent Networks
Simon Leinen            		Switch
David Meyer             		Cisco Systems
Dina Papagiannaki      			Intel Research
Ian Pratt               		University of Cambridge
Matt Roughan            		University of Adelaide
Kave Salamatian         		CNRS/LIP6
Anees Shaikh            		IBM T.J.Watson
Patrick Thiran          		EPFL
Alex Tudor              		Agilent
Steve Uhlig             		Universite Catholique de Louvain
Darryl Veitch           		University of Melbourne

Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CFP, but please
forward to anyone you believe may be interested -- thanks!

For any additional information, please contact Constantine Dovrolis

Henk Uijterwaal                           Email: henk.uijterwaal(at)
RIPE Network Coordination Centre
P.O.Box 10096          Singel 258         Phone: +31.20.5354414
1001 EB Amsterdam      1016 AB Amsterdam  Fax: +31.20.5354445
The Netherlands        The Netherlands    Mobile: +31.6.55861746

Process and Procedure are the last hiding place of people without the wit
and wisdom to do their job properly.                          (David Brent).

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