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New Document available: RIPE-300

New RIPE Document Announcement
A new document is available from the RIPE document store. 

Ref:            ripe-300
Title:          Test Traffic Measurement Service
                Data Disclosure Policy
Author:         Henk Uijterwaal
Date:           23 January 2004
Format:         PDF=149573 TXT=10949
Obsoletes:      ripe-180
Obsoleted by:
Updated by:

Short content description

This document describes the Data Disclosure Police for the the data
collected by the RIPE NCC Test Traffic Measurement Service (TTM). It
describes who can access the data from this service, what one can do
with the data and conditions that must be fulfilled before data can be
published outside the RIPE Test Traffic Working Group (TT-WG) and the
organisations hosting the test boxes.


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