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Re: [ncc-services-wg] New service: ip2asn

  • To: Peter Galbavy < >
  • From: Carlos Friacas < >
  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:23:16 +0100 (WEST)
  • Cc: "Wilfried Woeber, UniVie/ACOnet" < >

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Peter Galbavy wrote:


> I see no real life, day to day, distinction between RIPE and RIPE NCC.
> Peter

As far as i read it:

RIPE = People using/managing/whatever IP networks in "Europe Service
Region" (and also some people with their own opinions from outside the

RIPE NCC = People working in Singel, 258, Amsterdam. They carry out the
guidelines issued by "RIPE".

You and me belong on the first definition. If we think a policy
(or the way it is being carried out) is wrong, we can raise the
discussion, and eventually get it changed. If you cant change peoples
minds (those in RIPE, not RIPE/NCC) you will not be able to change
policies (because RIPE works in the meetings as a "raise-your-hand"


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