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Call for Papers: PAM2003 (fwd)

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  • Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 09:03:02 +0200 (CEST)

FYI and sorry for any duplicate mails, Henk.

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Subject: Call for Papers:  PAM2003

          *************** Call for Papers: PAM2003 ****************

          PAM2003 - A workshop on Passive and Active Measurements

          La Jolla, California, April 6-8, 2003

          Hosted by NLANR Measurement and Network Analysis Group


As the Internet has grown over the last decade, the need for precise
measurement of the network and its traffic load have become steadily more
apparent. Most of today's Internet Service Providers and many of their
large network customers are collecting and analyzing measurement data for
the purposes of performance monitoring, network engineering, and cost
recovery, but the engineering quality of these measurements vary.

A steadily growing number of research groups have been working in the
areas of:

  * Active Measurements - sending test packets and observing their
progress through the Internet,
  * Passive Measurements - observing actual traffic on 'live' networks,
  * Performance Metrics - developing measures or indicators which can be
used to characterize traffic behavior,
  * Traffic Statistics - attempting to understand and develop models of
'real' Internet traffic, and
  * Visualization - finding effective ways to display what is happening in
a network.

PAM2003 is a three-day event focusing on research and practical
applications of passive and active measurement and analysis techniques.
NLANR/MNA will be hosting this fourth PAM workshop April 6-8, 2003 in La
Jolla, California, USA. This follows successful workshops in Hamilton, New
Zealand (2000), Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2001), and Fort Collins,
Colorado USA (2002).

Papers are invited from the research, provider, and other communities on
topics in the areas listed above, or any other area of network traffic

Student participation is strongly encouraged. To support students who wish
to participate, sponsorship funding has been offered by Endace Measurement
Systems to offset some costs for students to attend and present. Further
details will be available soon.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
	1. 'Experience' papers, which describe practical uses of
measurements, especially in large networks.
	2. Papers on modelling network traffic, in particular if they are
backed up by measurements of real traffic.
	3. Papers describing network research that can be applied to
existing networks.

Instructions for Authors

Extended abstracts (between 500 words and 5 pages, plain ASCII or pdf)
must be submitted by email to pampapers@localhost by December 1, 2002.
Paper submissions must contain the following:

	* paper title,
	* full name(s) of the author(s),
	* organizational affiliation(s) and
	* one email address where the author(s) can be contacted.

Abstracts will be reviewed and acceptance notified no later than January
3, 2003.

Papers, maximum 15 printed pages, must be submitted electronically by
February 10, 2003. Details of acceptable paper formats will be published
on the Instructions for Authors portion of the conference Web site.

There will be an opportunity for participants to present measurement
equipment and software. Proposals for demonstrations (about 500 words,
plain ASCII) should be sent by email to the conference chair at
pampapers@localhost by February 4, 2003.

The program committee is investigating the possibility of organizing one
or more tutorial sessions in conjunction with the conference. Proposals
for tutorials (up to 5 pages, plain ASCII or pdf) should be sent by email
to the conference chair by December 1, 2002.

Conference Venue

The workshop will be held at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on the
University of California, San Diego campus, La Jolla, California, USA. The
conference fee will be approximately US$200. The exact conference fee and
details on registration will be published on the workshop's Web page late
November. The conference fee will include a printed copy of the papers
selected for presentation at the workshop. Papers selected for publication
will also be published on the Web.

The Doubletree Del Mar Hotel will be the PAM2003 Workshop Hotel.
	* Special reduced room rates will be offered for PAM2003. These
special reduced room rates will also be offered before and after the
workshop dates (April 6-8, 2003) so attendees can easily extend their stay
in San Diego.
	* A PAM2003 Reception will be held at The Doubletree Del Mar Hotel
on the evening of Sunday April 6th.
	* Shuttle service will be provided between The Doubletree Del Mar
Hotel and PAM2003 at UCSD.

Important Dates

	* December 1, 2002:  Deadline for abstracts; Proposals for
tutorials due
	* January 3, 2003:   Notification of acceptance
	* February 10, 2003:  Final papers due; Proposals for
demonstrations for equipment and software due
	* April 6-8, 2003:    Conference

Contact Information

ATTN: R. Ritke (PAM2003)
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0505  U.S.A.

tel +1-858-822-3648
fax +1-858-534-8380


Web page: - the Web page will be live mid-to-late next
week (by October 25, 2002).  Please check back often as we will be adding
new information on a regular basis.  (The email addresses are in effect

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