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TT-WG agenda for tomorrow.

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Below is the draft agenda as it will be presented at the start of tomorrow
Test Traffic working group.
My appologies for missing off Jan-Pascal van Best's presentation.




A)	Administrivia
		1)	Appointment of Scribe
		2)	Attendance Sheet
		3)	Agenda Bashing
B)	TTM, Status and Plans - Henk Uijerwaal
C)	Bandwidth Analysis - Henk Uikerwaal / Mark Santcroos
D)	Jitter Analysis - Henk Uijerwaal / Reinhard Sojka
E)	TTM Summaries and Trends in the data - Rene Wilhelm
F)	RIPE-TT data analysis at AS level - Jan-Pascal van Best
G)	Direction of Group
H)	Ripe 41: Call for agenda items

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