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New Document available: RIPE-209

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:14:20 +0200
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New/Revised RIPE Document Announcement
Two new documents are available from the RIPE document store. 

Short content description

* RIPE-209, "Providing Test Traffic Measurements as a membership service".

  This document describes the model the RIPE-NCC will use for selling the
  test-boxes and the related service for operating them.  It also
  describes the services based on the data.  This document has been
  discussed in the tt-wg and plenary sessions of the last few RIPE
* RIPE-214, "General Terms to the RIPE-NCC Test Traffic Measurements and
  Test-Box Purchase Agreement".  

  This document contains the contract used to sell the test-boxes and
  the related service for operating them.  It is the translation into
  "legally correct" English of RIPE-209.

Accessing the RIPE document store

The RIPE document store is available via anonymous FTP to, in the directory ripe/docs. 
The URLs for the new documents on the FTP-server are:   PostScript version  plain text version   PostScript version  plain text version

You can also access the RIPE documents in HTML format via WWW.
RIPE-209 and RIPE-214 are not available from the WWW at this moment, but 
will be soon, at the following URL:

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