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Re: New Antennas

Hi Dimitrios,

> Recently I met Daniel At the Ternea meeting and informed of a mew type
> of Antenna which is linked to the internal board via a UTP cat 5
> cable?

That is correct: for the new boxes, we moved the RF-receiver into the
antenna, so that only low frequency signals have to be sent to the
test-box.  This can easily be done with RS-422 and 100's of meters of
regular CAT5 cable.

> In that way the cable length problems I am running into can be removed.
> Do you have any plans for those new antennas for beta testing ?

Yes, we plan to upgrade the sites with antenna problems to the new
hardware.  I only received the last cables needed for the upgrade
yesterday and there are still a few details to be sorted out, but we
should be able to announce more details in a few days to a week.


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