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RE: TTM as a regular service

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  • From: "Henk Uijterwaal \(RIPE-NCC\)" < >
  • Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 12:11:33 +0200 (CEST)


> 1.  The way in which membership (section 2.3) is handled is
> simple and straightforward.  However, at current levels of LIR-service
> fees, it's not equitable; a 'small' LIR taking TTM service gets bumped
> up two levels to 'large', but a 'large' LIR gets no benefit at all.
> It would be slightly fairer if TTM service moved you up one category,
> though still unfair to 'large' LIRs.  Perhaps this needs to be looked
> at in the overall context of categories and charges for **all** services.

Yes, I see your point, I'll take this up with Axel and the board.

> 2.  The service contract needs to be carefully worded especially
> when it comes to disclosure of results.  The views of RIPE NCC and
> of the service community need to be reflected, and protected, here.


After I sent out my previous mail, I got a first draft from our lawyers
that include a paragraph that seems to accomplish this.  I'm a bit
reluctant to already put the draft on the net though, as it is really a
first draft that definitely needs a round of editting.


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