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RE: Current draft of Test-Traffic Service document

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  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 15:53:13 +0100
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Good draft, Henk et al - many thanks.

I'm still at the desk, but hope to reach RIPE 36 in time for
the TT WG mtg tomorrow afternoon.  In case I don't make it,
could you say something at the meeting on membership e.g.

1.  Consider those who take only the TT service from RIPE NCC.
As such, they are members of the Association.  Will there be
categories (small, medium, large, etc) for such members?  To
put it another way, how will their voting entitlement at AGMs
be determined?

2.  Now consider those who take registration **and** TT
service from RIPE NCC.  Will their membership category change as a
result?  If not, then there might be a mismatch between the
amount a member pays and voting entitlement.  A member
classed as small (for registration purposes) and who takes the
TT service might pay more for both services than a medium member
who doesn't take TT service; but the latter could have more

3.  The model should scale to other services.



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