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Re: Data Publishing Policy?

  • From: Ingo Luetkebohle < >
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 20:11:12 +0200 (CET DST)
  • Cc: Dimitrios Kalogeras < >


On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC) wrote:
> Besides that, lots of networks specify the delays between points and are
> sold on that basis.  The Test-Traffic project provides a way to actually
> measure them.

TT provides a way to measure *inter*-network delays and that is much better
than what most networks currently guarantee: *intra*-network delays. I know
of no backbone provider who makes any guarantees about the rest of the net.

As far as the other parameters for performance are concerned, I think we
are in agreement that 1-way-delay is a usefull network performance
indicator, but by no means the whole picture.
> We're certainly looking at "Summary pages", "Internet weather maps",
> "Executive summaries"  or whatever you want to call them.  However, these
> are one of those things that everybody seems to be talking about but
> nobody seems to be able to define what should be in those plots. I'd love
> to get some feedback on what people want to see on a summary page. 

Well, for one thing, *numbers* would be good. Its nice to have a plot of
delays, but for a short look, maximum, minimum and average numbers are good
to have. Thats probably not what you meant by summary, but it could form
the basis of one.
> But what if a customer calls and complains that "the net is so slow".  At
> that point you want to give him the URL to show where the problem is.  

Do you really want to answer *that* question?

I always found traceroute to be a good tool to show to customers
complaining about network performance.

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