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Re: Data Publishing Policy?


I don't have major problems with releasing the data to customers (option
#2), but I doubt it'll be usefull for judging performance. Performance is
much more than just delay measurements. I think, anybody who considers the
Test Traffic project to be about performance measurements got something
wrong. The data is much more usefull for other purposes -- for example, we
have identified several frequent routing flaps to important destinations
and intend to do something about it.

I have one small reservation with regard to data publishing, though: The
current plots are easy to misinterpret. Maybe the RIPE could create
something more "cooked" and publish that instead.

btw, what about going to a customers site with some print-outs, and
showing that? It will impress the customer and it won't do much harm
because its just a snapshot. Its also much easier to control future access
that way.


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