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RIPE-33 Meeting in Vienna

  • To: "'tt-wg@localhost" < >
  • From: Matthew Robinson < >
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 20:55:15 +0100

Well since volunteering to be chair I've not exactly done a lot and, since
the next meeting looms I thought I'd better get moving!

I'm looking for topics for the agenda of the next tt-wg meeting in about a
months time. The main point I can come up with is data publicising.

In the last meeting we discussed the publicising of the data collected from
the test boxes. Do people want to take this further and develop a policy for

What other things would people like to discuss at the meeting? I'm sure that
Henk and Fotis will have plenty to show us from the data collection and
analysis as well as the new boxes :-)

I'm going to suggest that we need one session as in the previous meetings
which seemed to be plenty of time to get things done.

Kind regards


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