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[spoofing-tf] RFC2827-bis comments solicitation

  • From: "Fergie" fergdawg@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 18:28:05 GMT

First, sorry for any duplicates, but we wanted to reach all
interested parties.

After several discussions with many different folks last week
at IETF 67 in San Diego, as well as various people over the
course of the past few months, Dan Senie and I have decided to
undertake an effort to "update" RFC2827/BCP38 [1].

I know that I'm not the only person who has heard various
discussions in the past couple of years that concluded that
(paraphrased), "BCP38 needs to be updated."

Now is your chance to speak up. :-)

We would very much like to solicit comments & suggestions from the
community-at-large on areas where you feel BCP38 is lacking, or in
areas where you feel it does not properly address with regards to
prohibiting source-spoofed traffic from any given administrative
network boundary, given that some technical aspects of the Internet
may have changed since it's publication.

While we acknowledge that a uniform application of a source address
verification architecture/ingress filtering scheme will not mitigate
_all_ "unwanted traffic" [2] in the Internet, it will most certainly
address the issue of hosts which attempt to source-spoof traffic into
the Internet.

I have not set up a mailing list for this yet, but if there is
enough discussion/input, I will make an effort to do so (or perhaps
the SAVA mailing list [3] might be a good place for discussion). In
the interim, you can contact me or Dan directly:

 Paul Ferguson: fergdawg(at)
 Dan Senie:     dts(at)


fergie & dan

p.s. Also, for anyone who might be interesting in related work,
there is an effort to bring some additional work into the IETF
called SAVA, or Source Address Validation Architecture [4].


"Fergie", a.k.a. Paul Ferguson
 Engineering Architecture for the Internet
 ferg's tech blog: