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[spoofing-tf] [routing-wg]IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force Kicks Off

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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 09:55:14 +0200
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At the Istanbul meeting (RIPE52), RIPE decided to establish an "IP
Anti-Soofing Task Force".  For motivation, charter and work-plan see

The task force is co-chaird by Nina Hjorth Bargisen (NINA1-RIPE) 
and Daniel Karrenberg (DK58).

The task force web page with information about the mailing list etc is at
We will give regular reports about progress on the maining list.

We are looking for volunteers to contribute to the How-To document and
experience reports.  We are especially looking for contributions from
equipment vendors and network operators here.  CISCO has agreed at the
RIPE meeting to provide us with material and help with this.  Contacts
with other vendors are most welcome.  Will those offered to help at the
RIPE meeting please get in touch again so we can plan the work. 

Nina Bargisen
Daniel Karrenberg