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RE: [ripe-pdp] PDP In the RIPE region

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  • From: "Hans Petter Holen" < >
  • Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 15:40:11 +0200

|A small question, (or input?) for my understanding : 
|Do we need only to document the existing PDP or do we need to 
|improve the process, document it and of course aprove it?

We need to improve the process.
The current process should be documented - ref my pevious emails.

|My  feeling is that to day a formal aproval is not something 
|very clear in the RIPE region. 

I agree - that is one of the primary goals to fix.

|It relies sometimes on assesment from the working group chair, 
|based on his personal feeling that the consensus is there, 
|sometimes without any final documented draft, sometimes on the 
|publication by RIPE-NCC of a new document.

Yes - spot on the problem.

|I think it is very difficult for a working group chair alone 
|to take such decision.

I can fully agree to this.

|I think it is not very appropriate for RIPE-NCC staff members 
|to play this role.

I also agree.

|So questions : 
|- this formal and not ambigous aproval ... can it relies on 
|the decision from one people or do we need a small group of 
|well defined people able to 
|	- verify that an open and transparent process was followed 
|	- verify that the policy is well defined and documented
|	- verify that there is consensus
| and formaly declare that the decision is made and instruct 
|the RIPE-NCC to apply it in  a clear way and timeframe ?


|- If we are needing such body how to select those people, how 
|to insure that those people are representative of members and 
|are able to take into account the input from  the whole community?

This could be a separate body like the ARIN AC or it could be the
wg-chairs,sort of like the IETEF IESG which cocists of Area directors.

|How to insure that this process remains effective and 
|sufficiently reactive and that we have not blocking points?

- deadlines

|I think that if we have no clear and formal PDP for the RIPE 
|region, it will be very difficult to participate in an 
|efficient way in the PDP for global policies.

I agree partially with this - the process has however worked fairly well in
the past - but this is the point were it should be improved.

Best Regards,

Hans Petter Holen

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