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[ripe-pdp] Current policy process

  • From: Hans Petter Holen < >
  • Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 11:58:00 +0200 (CEST)

Dear all,
I once upon a time put together some text descreibing the policy process
But it seems to have been replaced with some graphics instead.

At the last two or three RIPE meetings the text evloved into what is below
- together with a slide with all the phases the policy may go trough -
from idea to final document.
--> RIPE Address Policy Development Process

Text is cut below:

Policy is developed through discussion in working group sessions at RIPE
meetings and between the meetings at working group mailing lists.
Discussions can be started by anyone at any time. Participants are welcome
to discuss broad ideas as well as make formal policy proposals. The agenda
for a working group meeting is normally published one month before the
meeting takes place.
A formal proposal should indicate the details of the change proposed, the
reason for the change and any perceived consequences of the change. The
RIPE NCC will publish formal policy proposals on the Address Policy
Working Group pages of the web site. The page will
indicate the status of the proposal: .Open for Discussion.; .Agreed. or
.Withdrawn.. Discussion on policy changes may take place on either the
address-policy-wg@localhost mailing list or on a separate Task Force
mailing list for discussion of a particular subject. All Working Groups
mailing lists are open to all and are publicly archived on the web site.


Where a policy change will result in an amendment to a published policy
document the textual changes are initially published as a draft document
for community review and comment. There may be multiple iterations of a
draft document if there is significant comment and change suggested.

Policy will be changed when the Working Group Chair decides that there is
a consensus in favour of the proposal. Normally there will be a final call
for consensus at the mailing list, following a technical discussion on the
mailing list and discussion at one or more working group meetings .

Selection of Chair

Participants in the Working Group at RIPE meetings select the Working
Group Chair. Like the mailing lists, these meetings are open to
participation by anyone with an interest in the development of policy for
the distribution of Internet numbering resources.

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