[RIPE-Parents] excited to discuss plans for Ljubljana and Odessa

Sascha E. Pollok sp at iphh.net
Wed Nov 2 16:57:43 CET 2011

Hello Vesna,

>> yes, so i was thinking about this. my perspective was that i would
>> consider traveling to just be more educational than a week at home of
>> school.  i can probably successfully argue with the school about that.
> ... so if you do "successfully argue with the school about that", please 
> share!
> One of the Monday meeting requests was for that - a draft/sample letter, by 
> RIPE, to be used to persuade schools to let the kids out ;-)

Like in "We would like to invite Finja as a junior speaker at the RIPE 64 
junior plenary talking about IPv6-enabled ballet and princess stuff"? :-)


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