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RIPE NCC Staff Position: Junior Hostmaster (3 days/week)

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  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 15:15:07 +0200
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Please distribute this announcement to all possibly interested

Thank you

Daniel Karrenberg
RIPE NCC Manager


         RIPE: Coordinating the Internet in Europe.

Due to the continuing explosive growth of the European
Internet there is an immediate opening at the RIPE NCC for a

               J u n i o r   H o s t m a s t e r

for 3 days (24 hours) per week.

Every host directly connected to the Internet needs an
address.  NCC hostmasters play a key role in the
distribution of the Internet address space throughout


The general duties NCC hostmasters comprise:

   - to handle all address space related requests
   - to help maintain the databases the RIPE NCC keeps
   - to propose new activities, where needed
   - to report to the RIPE NCC Manager

The specific duties of the junior hostmaster are:

   - to allocate address space to local Internet registries
   - to support local registries where needed
   - to assign address space
   - to review assignments made by other registries
   - to answer address space related queries
   - to refer non-routine requests to appropriate senior staff

Almost all communications with customers and other
organisations involved in Internet address space assignment
is via the Internet itself.  The position provides an
excellent opportunity to work at the very heart of the
European Internet industry.



   - willingness to learn quickly about the Internet environment
   - ability to perform administrative tasks reliably
   - good knowledge of written and spoken English
   - good communication skills
   - ability to learn and use Unix and X-windows based computer tools


   - work experience in an international environment
   - previous exposure to the Internet
   - basic experience with Unix and X-windows based computer tools

The position is suitable both for those with administrative
skills willing to learn about the Internet and to recent
graduates with Internet experience willing to do
administrative work. Female applicants and applicants from
all European countries are explicitly encouraged.  Depending
on their ambitions and abilities junior hostmasters can be
promoted to senior positions at the NCC.


RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens) is a collaborative organisation
open to all European Internet service providers.  The
objective of RIPE is to ensure the necessary administrative
and technical coordination to allow the operation of a pan-
European IP network.  RIPE does not operate a network of its

RIPE has been functioning since 1989.  Currently more than
80 organisations participate in the work.  The result of the
RIPE coordination effort is that the individual end-user is
presented on his desk top with a uniform IP service
irrespective of the particular network his or her
workstation is attached to.  In January 1995 1197911 hosts
were registered on RIPE coordinated networks.  The total
number of systems reachable on the Internet worldwide is
estimated at almost five million.

R I P E   N C C

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre supports all those RIPE
activities which cannot be effectively performed by
volunteers from the participating organisations.  Besides
supporting RIPE activities in general the NCC provides the
following services to network operators:

          containing information about address space, routing,
          DNS domains and contact persons

          a clearing house distributing IP address space




A detailed description of these activities can be found in
the RIPE NCC Activity Plan (document ripe-110).  This
document can be obtained from the RIPE document store.

The RIPE NCC is currently staffed as follows:

 one NCC manager
 two senior hostmasters (one more is being hired)
 one junior hostmaster (two more have already been hired)
 one NCC administrative staff

In addition there is a conscienscious objector performing
administrative duties. A deputy manager will also be hired
this year.

The NCC is funded by all Internet service providers in
Europe who operate local Internet registries. 
NCC staff are formally employed by TERENA.


TERENA is the European Association of research networking
organisations and their users.  TERENA has been created by a
merger of the RARE and EARN associations. TERENA carries out
technical activities and provides a platform for discussion
and education to encourage the development of a high-quality
computer networking infrastructure for the European research


RIPE NCC personnel is employed by the TERENA association
under their standard employment conditions.  
The salary will depend on qualifications and experience.  
Costs of relocation to the Netherlands will be met.  
The open position is part time for 24h/week on three working days.
The distribution of the time over the week can be discussed.
The appointment will be for one year with possible extension.


The RIPE NCC is located at the Scientific Center
Watergraafsmeer (WCW) in Amsterdam.  The offices will be
situated at NIKHEF, the Dutch National Institute for Nuclear
Physics and High Energy Physics.

Further Information

For further information about the RIPE NCC, please see the
RIPE document store at


For further information about this position please contact:

Daniel Karrenberg
RIPE NCC Manager
Kruislaan 409
NL-1098 SJ  Amsterdam

Tel.: +31 20 592 5065


How to Apply

Applications, including a CV and references should be
submitted in confidence to the address above and should be
received no later than Sunday August 13th 1995.

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