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RIPE21: Dinner announcement

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  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 14:51:18 +0200
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                21th RIPE Meeting Dinner
		        Date:  Tuesday, May 9 1995 

			    Venue:  Cavallino Bianco
			            Via E. Filiberto, 23
			            (See map: 300m near IASI, 
			                      in the Vittorio Emanuele's Place direction) 

			    Time:   20:00

                Last date for reservations: Saturday, April 29 1995

The RIPE Evening Dinner will be held in restaurant "Cavallino Bianco". If
you want to attend this dinner, please could you complete the http form
at the following location before April 29:

(Note: no special automagic RIPE forms this time ;-))

Please note that it will NOT be possible to attend the dinner without
first making a reservation.

If you would like to bring a guest with you, they are very welcome, but 
please complete a separate form for them. 

See you at the dinner,

David Kessens

You can make your choice from three different menus:  

Fish dishes (price Lit. 50000, all-inclusive):

Insalata di mare 
Risotto alla pescatora, gnocchi al salmone 
Arrosto misto di pesce, insalata, patate fritte 
Macedonia con gelato 
Tiramisu', spumante, caffe' 


Meat dishes (price Lit. 45000, all-inclusive):
Bresaola con rughetta e parmigiano 
Crespelle ricotta e spinaci, risotto ai funghi porcini 
Scaloppine di vitella al limone, insalata, patate fritte 
Macedonia con gelato 
Tiramisu', spumante, caffe' 


Vegetarian (price Lit. 40000, all-inclusive):

Verdure gratinate 
Gnocchi all'ortica, risotto ai funghi 
Frittura mista di verdure, insalata, patate fritte 
Ananas fresca 
Macedonia con gelato 
Tiramisu', spumante, caffe' 


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