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2nd Call for Proposals - Telematics Applications Programme

(Apologies if you recieve this more than once).

The 2nd Call for Proposals for the Telematics Applications Programme is
now available on the TERENA World-Wide Web server:


The closing date for submission of proposals is the 15th June 1995.

This call addresses the following sectors:

Area / Sector (designations from      | Task Numbers               
the Work-Programme)                   |
Area B: Telematics for Knowledge      |
Sector B/5- Libraries                 | All
Area D: Horizontal RTD activities:    |
Sector D/11 - Telematics Engineering  | All
Sector D/12 - Language Engineering    | LE 2.1 and LE 2.2
Sector D/13 - Information Engineering | All
Area E: Programme Support Actions     | The Programme Support Actions topics    
                                      | open in this call will be announced     
                                      | to all persons who have expressed an    
                                      | interest in Area E, as soon as the      
                                      | results of the first call have been     
                                      | analysed, and by mid-April at the       
                                      | latest. This call will address only     
                                      | those topics not covered sufficiently   
                                      | in the first call.

You can retrieve a complete Proposers Pack by ftp from:

ftp://ftp.terena.nl/telematics/proposers-pack-PS.tar.Z (Postscript)
ftp://ftp.terena.nl/telematics/proposers-pack-RTF.tar.Z (RTF)

or you can use the WWW form to order one by surface mail.

Specific queries about the call should be addressed to the European
Commission telematics@localhost and _not_ to me.

Feel free to pass this on.


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