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Summer School 95 Announcement

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Sorry for any cross-posting. Guenther

          Third International Summer School on

           Advanced Broadband Communications

                 26th-30th June 1995

After the success of the "First and Second International Summer
Schools on Advanced Broadband Communications" distributed
between Aveiro (Portugal) and Madrid (Spain) in July 93 and 94,
RACE Project BRAIN is pleased to announce its Third
International Summer School on Advanced Broadband Communications
to take place from 26th to 30th June 1995.

This year the School will be distributed to at least four
different and geographically distant sites and will constitute a
unique event joining a thorough presentation of ABC (Advanced
Broadband Communications) with its real use and demonstration.
It will include tutorials, in-depth lectures, panels and
demonstration of results achieved within R&D projects. Among
others the following issues will be addressed:

*       Cell based technologies
*       Access Networks
*       Evolution Scenarios
*       Management of ABC Systems.
*       Multimedia
*       Future Visions of ABC

Most important, the 1995 Summer School itself will be a
demonstration of ATM based broadband communications,
applications and services where a number of results and
achievements from different RACE projects will be shown in real

The first 3 days of ABC'95 will provide a technical view of ABC
and the second 2 days the user view of applications, market and
future trends.

The 1995 Summer School will be a distributed event where a
multimedia CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)
tele-training application will join the lecture rooms of the
different physical sites into a unique virtual lecture room such
that lecturers and participants lose the sense of physical
separation and work together with full interaction. At least,
the following sites will join ABC'95:

*       Madrid, Spain             ( ETSI Telecomunicacion, UPM )
*       Aveiro, Portugal          ( CET / University of Aveiro )
*       Turin, Italy              ( CSELT )
*       Sophia-Antipolis, France  ( Theseus Institute / AGORA )

Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria will also join Summer
School 95 as subsidiary sites. These will incorporate the full
set of functionalities as the main sites and aimed to serve a
(reduced) local audience.

The pan-European ATM trial connecting the National Hosts from
countries involved in this event will provide the necessary
communication infrastructure for ABC'95. This will require a
complex collaboration between several institutions and R&D
projects within the framework of EU initiatives.

Overall technical co-ordination is the responsibility of the
IBER Project.


Eric Scharf, Queen Mary Westfield College, UK
Finn Hansen, ASCOM, Switzerland
George Williamson, British Telecom, UK
Hans Melchior, Swiss Federal Institut of Technology, Switzerland
I. Venieris, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
James Callaghan, British Telecom, UK
Joco Bastos, Portugal Telecom\CET, Portugal
John Dobson, University of Newcastle, UK
Jose Domingues, Portugal Telecom\CET, Portugal (BRAIN Project
Josi Scarr, PTT Research, Netherlands
Juan Quemada, Technical University of Madrid, Spain (ABC'95
Klaus Franke, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany
Manuel Duarte, University of Aveiro, Portugal (Aveiro site
Pedro Chas, Telefonica, Spain (IBER Project Manager)
Ronan O'Boyle, University of Limerick, Ireland
Rui Aguiar, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Silvana Ferreri, Institut Theseus, France (site manager )
Silvia Ruiz, Technical University of Catalunya, Spain
Stefano Guido Coiro, CNR, Turin, Italy (site manager)
Stephen Plagemann, SHP Systems Services, Ireland (BRAIN
     Technical Manager)
Tomas de Miguel, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Vasco Lagarto, Portugal Telecom\CET, Portugal
Wilfried Maschtera, University of Linz, Austria

If you are interested in receiving direct information about
ABC'95 please send the following questionnaire by mail, fax or
e-mail to:

  Dept Ing. Telematica (ABC'95)
  ETSI Telecomunicacion
  E-28040 Madrid, Spain
  tel.: +34 1 3367332,
  fax: +34 1 3367333,
  email: ABC95@localhost

   Telephone:                           Fax:

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