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Apologies for resent mail

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  • From: Tim Grimer < >
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 13:25:59 GMT
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  • Priority: Normal

Many apologies for some 16 messages sent by accident to this list. We 
know of only one way this could have occured. 

At Unipalm, our windows based mail application allows you to 
"Drag-and-drop" selected groups of mail messages to folders. 
Unfortunately, it is possible to drop messages into the out-tray by 
accident at which point they are promptly sent.

Peter Dawe has a separate mail account, Peter2, which is used by his 
Personal Assistant to organise the large volume of mail he receives 
daily. The unwanted mail came from there. We are taking steps to make 
sure that mail cannot originate from this source in the future.

Tim Grimer. 

Unipalm Postmaster.

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